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Car Paint Protection Film in London,UK

Nothing catches the eye like the color and paint of your car. But what happens when that vibrant color starts to fade, damaged by scratches, stone chips, and bird droppings? Fortunately, Performance Design Centre has the solution.

Servicing in the heart of London, UK, and specialized in providing top-quality Car Paint Protective Film to protect your vehicle’s paint. With 11 years of expertise and a team of expert PPF professionals, we have proudly served nearly 800 clients. Whether you are looking to protect vulnerable areas of your car from further damage or transform its entire exterior, Performance Design Centre is here to give your vehicle a stunning new look.

Our goal is to ensure that each vehicle remains paint-protected on the busy roads of London with a premium quality film made of thermoplastic urethane material.

Benefits of Car Paint Protective Film (PPF)

Benefits of Car Paint Protective Film (PPF) There are countless benefits that you will get after wrapping car paint protective film. Here are a few:



Applying paint protection film (PPF) to a car is a technical process that requires skill and experience. Otherwise, it results in poor installation and potential damage to the car. Due to its complexity, it is recommended to let this task be done by trained professionals like the Performance Design Centre. But Why Us? Here are some reasons:

Our Past Projects and Clients Review

Performance Design Centre is grateful to our valued clients for trusting us and giving positive ratings. Over the past decade, we have exclusively served London, UK, with our car paint protective film services. We have completed over 800 projects, and here are some client responses showcasing their satisfaction with our work.

Nabz Agar
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I'm happy with the result, job was done quicker than I thought it would take, the tints also come with a warranty which is a bonus, highly recommended. 5* service thank you very much.​
Shefit BalaShefit ​
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Local garage in my area they provide high quality tints at very good prices. Had my rear lights smoked as well all in all very happy with the service. Good job PDC!​​
Delawar Alikhail​
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Bmw m3 wrapped for me. Satin black. With full door shuts n return. Turn over was amazing. Full of wrap knowledge. Great customer service. Top lads. Will always recommend this place.​

Our Additional Car Services in the UK

Performance Design Centre has a tally of 11 years, started our career from Car Paint Protective Film now we have extended to a number of services. Here are the additional services that you would love to take:

Vehicles Vinyl Wrapping

At Performance Design Centre, we specialise in custom vehicle wraps in a variety of vinyl wrap films for exotics, sports cars and all other cars.

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Commercial Wrapping

If your looking for custom 4d plates Performance Design Centre can fit and install your custom 4d plates in under 10 minutes.

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Our window tinting technicians at Performance Design Centre have over 10 years experience and are able to offer a bespoke service like no other.

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Ambient lights & starlights

We supply and install bodykits in house at performance design centre from bumpers to brake caliper's you name it, will fit and install it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the UK, especially London, the cost of car paint protection film (PPF) varies based on
factors like vehicle size and coverage type (e.g., Full Front, Extended Front, or Full
Coverage). Charges typically range from £1400 for front-end application to £4000 for full
coverage. Additionally, ceramic coating may cost from £300 to £500.

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